A hidden champion in pioneering pharmaceuticals

biosyn Arzneimittel GmbH is one of the first German biotechnology companies. Since its founding in 1984, it has developed into a pharmaceutical enterprise with over 70 employees, supplying customers in over 20 countries. There are biosyn subsidiaries in Liechtenstein, Austria and the USA. 

With selenase®, this hidden champion is a global market leader in selenium injection solutions for treating sepsis, selenium deficiency and thyroid diseases. Immucothel®, biosyn’s Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (KLH) ethically extracted from living sources, is a virtually side-effect-free adjuvant licensed for bladder cancer therapy.

biosynpharma supplies the entire range of biosyn products for oncology, immunology, endocrinology and intensive care medicine.

Patient-focused, research-driven

The patient is and always will be biosyn’s main focus. This research-driven drugmaker puts up to 25 percent of its revenues back into its R&D pipeline.

Its two GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant manufacturing plants in Fellbach, Germany and Carlsbad, California are further testimony to its innovative drive in this sector.

For biosyn, clinical studies are pivotal and a key to marketing and communication: nearly half of all studies on selenium in sepsis, oncology, reperfusion, cardiac surgery etc. worldwide are performed with selenase®.

We are a family-owned company!

Thomas Stiefel, D.Sc.

Thomas Stiefel, D.Sc. is the majority shareholder of biosyn Arzneimittel GmbH and biosyn Corporation.

Studies of chemistry and biochemistry lit his interest in elucidating the metabolic behavior of trace elements. Research work at the Max Planck Institute for Metals Research in Stuttgart and R&D management in the pharmaceutical industry gave him the added know-how to initiate biosyn’s pharmaceutical innovations.

His steadfast drive to advance science and medicine is reflected in his many international patents, distinguished publications, educational lectures and active memberships in relevant societies like the Chemical Industry Association (VCI), Society of Minerals and Trace Elements (GSM) and SepNet.

Ortwin Kottwitz

Starting out as a chemical engineer in 1975, Ortwin Kottwitz has managed the production, development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and injection formulations in the pharmaceutical industry. Since biosyn’s founding, he has managed product development.

Sharing Dr. Stiefel’s passion for and dedication to research, Ortwin Kottwitz is also responsible for supervising the company’s many research projects. The complex GMP-compliant production facilities in both Fellbach and at the biosyn Corporation in Carlsbad, California were designed and constructed by him. Since 1999, Ortwin Kottwitz has also been managing director of biosyn Arzneimittel GmbH.

Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Stiefel, Hauptgesellschafter und Geschäftsführer, (rechts) und Ortwin Kottwitz gründeten die biosyn Arzneimittel GmbH 1984.