Connecting the dots of antioxidant protection

Understanding how trace elements like selenium work to protect and strengthen the immune system. One of biochemistry’s historic milestones took place a little over 200 years ago. When the Swedish chemist Berzelius discovered selenium in 1817, the importance of trace elements such as selenium or zinc was not understood. Then, it wasn’t yet entirely clear how trace elements provide the body with protection from free radicals.

Thanks to Nobel Prize-winning forerunners of micronutrient research like Linus Pauling and Albert Szent-Györgyi, we now know that the need for trace elements can be increased by disease, environmental stress or lifestyle. At biosyn, researchers like Dr. Thomas Stiefel are working constantly to connect the dots between health and nutrition.

To learn more about why the micronutrient selenium is so essential, visit: "Selenium is essential" (PDF).

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