Every body needs proteins and their amino acids. A lack impairs immune functions. KIMUN® from biosyn supplies the daily requirements.

Science has proven that immune function is limited and susceptibility to infections increased when the body is deficient in amino acids. While our bodies need protein to activate natural killer cells, macrophages, T and B lymphocytes, amino acids play an important role in the production of antibodies and cytokines.

The research biologists at biosyn have long had an answer to amino acid deficiency. The food supplement KIMUN® contains 17 adjusted amino acids in balanced combination with the immunocompetence-promoting trace element selenium. The nutrients released by taking one KIMUN® capsule a day strengthen the immune system. KIMUN® capsules are supplied with stomach-friendly micropellets that ensure effective absorption (bioavailability). Supplementation with KIMUN® can help during convalescence, the flu season, after vaccinations and in individuals with chronic recurrent infections. After vaccinations, antibiotic or cancer therapy, it can encourage the immune system to regenerate. 

To read more about how KIMUN® from biosyn can be used to balance amino acid deficiency and to boost immunity, download or order the newly released KIMUN® folder:

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