Going bananas over nuts. How many is too many?

Some characters go crackers over cheese, some people are suckers for sweets or think candy is just dandy. But in the end, when you put that bowl of tasty nuts in front of most people, nobody can eat just one. In fact, it’s very hard to stop scarfing up the delicious, chewy tidbits. Nuts, especially Brazil nuts are highly nutritious, highly caloric and very rich in the trace element selenium. Indeed, they have the highest selenium concentrations of all other natural foods.

But how many of these buttery flavored treats are actually healthy and when should we be cautious? What do we have to look out for or even avoid? Harvard Medical School’s health blog gives general advice on how to eat nuts in a healthy way. The online newsletter Healthline.com touts the proven benefits of Brazil nuts. By contrast, biosyn offers informational folders discussing their dangers. So, be forewarned about the many risks involved in eating Brazil nuts: like overdosing on organic selenium. Also, in some climes, the nuts may mold and become susceptible to harmful amounts of aflatoxins. Besides providing selenium, they also enrich natural radioactivity. All in all, when it comes to Brazil nuts, always beware.

The GMP pharmaceutical company biosyn takes its consumer education responsibility seriously. That is why it constantly endeavors to provide a wealth of health information on its products and keep its loyal, current and future customers up-to-date and in-the-know. For more particulars from biosyn about the healthy dosing of its products, download or order any of the many folders for patients and health care professionals from its websites: www.biosyncorp.com, www.biosynpharma.com.

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