High-powered jobs and the thymus: Adrenalin junkies take note

Top-level executives, decision-makers, change managers, policy makers in government and other leading influencers wield great power. These powerful jobholders certainly lead exhilarating, albeit stressful lives. Psychologically, type-A personalities tend to be adrenalin junkies whose bodies and minds are continually driving in the fast lane. Physically, this constant stress can throw the immune system out of whack. Biochemically, the state of equilibrium between T-helper 1 and T-helper 2 activity is disrupted. There is plenty of evidence that stress situations cause the body to produce more cortisol and that elevated levels of cortisol lead to involution of an important organ of immunity: the thymus. Limited thymus function leads to a decline in naive T-cells, greater susceptibility for infections and other diseases.

Nutritionally, normal mortals have enough trouble getting their recommended daily requirements to maintain the functioning of important immune mechanisms. So importantly, career ladder climbers and perpetual fast-lane drivers take note of biosyn’s answer: its dietary supplement with zinc, selenium and thymus extract called THYMVITAL®.

For more details about how the antioxidant combination in THYMVITAL® helps to protect cells from oxidative stress, normalize immune function and slow stress-induced involution of the thymus, download the latest THYMVITAL® folder:

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