Immunosenescence, immunocompetence, resilience and robustness: Weaponize your immune system with KIMUN® from biosyn

New research on the biology of aging confirms the need to boost the immune system in the elderly. 

As we grow old, muscle mass and mobility decline as does the function of organs like the spleen and thymus that are responsible for the body’s immunity. Our immune system loses its strength and its ability to perform - a condition called immunosenescence. As a result, the elderly become more susceptible to infection and geriatric diseases and the aging process may even be accelerated.

In addition to the many factors that contribute to immunosenescence, the diet of elderly individuals often lacks the required amino acids as they tend to eat high-caloric, low-protein, one-sided meals. All these and many other contributors make the aging body less immunocompetent and hence less robust and resilient. Immunocompetence is the opposite - a strong healthy immune defense system.

The research biologists at biosyn have known an answer to immunosenescence for a long time. The food supplement KIMUN® contains 17 adjusted amino acids in balanced combination with the immunocompetence-promoting trace element selenium. The nutrients released by taking one KIMUN® capsule a day strengthen the immune system to fight off the effects of biological aging. KIMUN® capsules are supplied with stomach-friendly micropellets that ensure effective absorption (bioavailability) in the digestive tract - another organ impaired by aging. 

To read more about how KIMUN® from biosyn can weaponize the body against immunosenescence, download or order the newly released KIMUN® folder:

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