Knowing labor pains can be relieved. MEPTID helps make deliveries safer for mother and baby.

Pregnancy is a happy state of mind. For some mothers, though, the months leading up to their delivery date is not without trepidation. The fact that intense labor pains can be alleviated gives comfort to many women who are nervous about their “big day”. Meptazinol, the active ingredient in the synthetic opioid MEPTID, is being is long been used because of its good safety profile and many positive benefits.

Aiming to find out more about how to best manage pain during the birthing process, obstetric researchers at the University of Leipzig spent 12 months observing various aspects of meptazinol’s and comparators’ ability to take maternal pain away during a total of 449 vaginal deliveries. The obstetricians also wanted to see how satisfied the mothers were within 3 days postpartum by administering them a questionnaire. The time to birth was shorter on MEPTID and very rarely led to maternal and neonatal respiratory depression, meaning it was safer than the comparator while the need for secondary perinatal analgesia was also halved. In this obstetric setting, the 162 mothers receiving meptazinol were comparatively as satisfied as with the other opioid investigated. Now, these study findings have been compiled by biosyn into a handy and concise two-page folder that also lists the dosages given. To download the PDF, order the print version of these summarized results or get more information, go to:

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