Life is the color blue: Zones where people live the longest discussed by oncologist Dr. Katzler

In 1972, the Apollo 17 crew took this photo of the earth–an image still virtually orbiting the planet. Most striking is the iridescent hue radiating from the oceans. No wonder NASA dubbed this classic astronaut photo “The Blue Marble”. Mere coincidence then that the National Geographic expedition team of Buettner and Skemp referred to the 5 places in the world with the greatest longevity as “The Blue Zones”? To find out why there are certain clusters of centenarians who have lived such long healthy lives, biosyn’s Dr. Marit Hüller talked to Hamburg gynecologist and breast cancer specialist Dr. Katzler about the role nutrition plays in this phenomenon. In addition to the various therapies offered at his center, he explains about integrative methods, superfoods and debunks the notion of cancer diets. They also discuss the typical commonalities of people who live beyond the age of one hundred. To listen to the video-interview in German with English subtitles, click here for the short version or go to Youtube for the 6-minute version.

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