Sharpening the body’s own weapons in its arsenal to battle coronaviruses

Sharpening the body’s own weapons in its arsenal to battle coronaviruses

The language of medicine is full of military analogies and metaphors. Take the immune system, for example: immune cells launch themselves into battle against identified targets. They bombard the invaders with proteins, putting them to rout, neutralizing or destroying them. An entire army of killer cells locates and decimates bacterial or viral enemies. We even talk about declaring war on a disease or, as at present, battling a virus. Every organism is constantly under siege by pathogens.

In most cases, these attacks are successfully fended off by the various defensive lines of the immune system like the skin and mucous membranes which pose insurmountable barriers to most intruders. Sometimes the immune systems needs backup forces like those provided by biosyn products like THYMVITAL, CAREIMMUN Basic, Zinkotase and not least, its blockbuster selenase.

Nowadays, many people are worried about whether their bodies are battle-ready to fight the novel coronavirus. Even without any vaccines or therapeutics, we are not helpless against this new pathogen in our midst. Besides the hygienic and social-distancing measures to mitigate viral spread, our body can weaponize its innate and acquired arsenal of weapons. As centurion of our health, however, the immune system must be in balance to complete its mission. Constant warring against stress and changed behaviors may affect the supply logistics for important micronutrients. Not only in these special times can we weaponize dietary supplements to keep us fit for now and the future.

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