Sometimes the sun needs help. biosyn’s VitD3 barometer for spring during the corona shutdown.

Spring has officially begun in the northern hemisphere and, as every year, we have turned our clocks forward for daylight saving time. Historically, we do this to save energy and get more from the sun. When the days are short and grey, we urgently need sunlight to replenish our vitamin D3 stores or we turn to dietary supplements seeing as this fat-soluble "sun vitamin" is not naturally present in most of the foods we eat. Indeed, only 10-20 % of the vitamin D3 requirement can be covered by our nutrition. Now, during this crisis, our vitamin D3 stores are not as much emptied by short sunless days. Rather, we may be getting less exposure to sunlight because of shelter-in-place mandates and restrictions on gathering out of doors in order to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and avoid transmission of COVID-19.

Many prominent websites like the National Institutes of Health (NIH) offer advice on questions like “Am I getting enough vitamin D?” or “Can taking vitamin D protect against COVID-19?”. Others like Healthline discuss the role of food supplements in respiratory tract diseases or, like WebMD, give general recommendations on “What Kind of Vitamin D is Best?”. 

As a research-oriented GMP manufacturer of dietary supplements, biosyn has long informed decision-making on what is the optimal vitamin D3 status. In the sunnier months to come, use biosyn’s “Vitamin D3 Barometer” to help determine when sunlight is enough to fill your stores adequately. When the sun does need help, you can boost its healthy effect with just one drop of Vit D3 biosyn per day!

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