They say, there’s no cure for the common cold:

Not to brag, but our micronutrient Zinkotase® can help prevent or shorten the duration of this catarrhal disorder.  The common cold – an enduring enigma that has plagued humankind for ages. As the old saying goes, a cold lasts a week if you go to the doctor and seven days if you don’t. Joking aside, evidence shows that if you take the trace element zinc, the duration of your cold will be shorter and many of its symptoms alleviated.

Zinc can even prevent a cold in the first place: For prevention, take 25 mg zinc per day before the beginning of the cold season and, for acute symptoms, take 75 mg zinc per day for at least 7 days. Zinc not only protects the body against infection, but is also involved in many of its vital functions. Regarded as an antioxidant like selenium and vitamin C, zinc is built into over 100 enzymes critical to digestion and the processing of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Everyone’s body needs zinc to strengthen their immune system. Zinkotase® from biosyn provides a sufficient zinc supply.

To learn more about how to prevent the common cold with Zinkotase®, visit: ZINKOTASE® - Zinc protects against the common cold (PDF)

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