Tiny at birth, XL potential. Babies thrive on a healthy oxidative balance in utero

In early pregnancy, placental oxygen is very low, but increases significantly during gestation. Too high an oxygen content can lead to oxidative stress from reactive oxygen species (ROS) and damage fetal cells. This imbalance is associated with premature birth, impaired cognitive and motor development in the baby and preeclampsia, postpartum depression and hypothyroidism in the mother. Selenium is important for protecting both mother and baby against oxidative stress.

If the selenium requirement cannot be covered sufficiently by maternal nutrition, then food supplements with inorganic selenium may be indicated in the form of selenase® 100 XL or selenase® 200 XXL, depending on the whole blood or serum selenium status. Not every baby reaches size XXL later, but everyone thrives on a healthy oxidative balance throughout life.

To learn more about selenium, pregnancy and oxidative balance, read biosyn’s informative brochure: Selenium supplement helps protect cells from oxidative stress (PDF)

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