Viral virulence and selenium science: New folder with important facts

As ever in tune with the current issues surrounding the topic of all things selenium, biosyn has released a new folder containing solid facts on how this important trace element can impact the course of the lung disease COVID-19 caused by the new SARS-CoV-2. When exposed to infectious pathogens like the novel coronavirus, the adaptive immune defenses of most healthy individuals will kick in and effectively fight back any invading microbes. However, if the infected person’s immune system is weakened, it has difficulty preventing the virus from traveling to its target cells where it then wreaks havoc.

It is a known fact that a body deficient in micronutrients like selenium is less able to defend itself against viruses. Evidence indicates that nutritional selenium status can be a driving force behind virus mutations and that a selenium deficit can lead to mutations that increase viral pathogenicity. The data presented in this folder are designed to promote a better understanding of how important it is to understand the science and epidemiology behind this global medical situation in the context of immunity and nutrition. Much of the knowledge cited was gained by experience with previous pandemic viruses. The illustrations are insightful and the references are linked to the actual publications. 

biosyn will keep its partners, customers and all readers informed about selenium and SARS-CoV-2. 

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