biosyn selenium: selenase®

With its blockbuster selenase®, biosyn is the global market leader in both high-dose selenium injectable pharmaceuticals and selenium formulations for treating sepsis. biosyn supplies selenase® to 22 countries worldwide.

The active ingredient in selenase® is sodium selenite pentahydrate, which is converted by the body into metabolizable selenium via selenoproteins. Selenium, a trace mineral with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, is essential for glutathione, iodine and thyroid metabolism.


Selenium deficiency may increase the risk of mortality, poor immune function and cognitive decline. Selenium supplementation may confer antiviral effects and reduce risks for many diseases like autoimmune thyroiditis, prostate, lung, colorectal and bladder cancers, among others.

Throughout the world, selenase® is administered daily in critical care settings. Its benefits for patients:

  • reduced mortality
  • protection from endothelial and organ damage
  • modulation of inflammatory and coagulation pathways
  • very well tolerated

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biosyn hemocyanin: IMMUCOTHEL® and VACMUNE®

biosyn is world leader in the GMP-compliant manufacturing of high-quality, clinical- and research grade hemocyanin products derived from the hemolymph of the sea snail, Meghathura crenulata, also commonly known as the Giant Keyhole Limpet.

Giant Keyhold Limpet (Meghathura crenulata)
Giant Keyhold Limpet (Meghathura crenulata)

The hemocyanin derived from this snail is called Keyhole Limpet Hemocyanin (KLH). The subunits of hemocyanin are defined as immunocyanin. The amount of immunocyanin (IMMUCOTHEL®) obtained from one keyhole limpet is roughly sufficient to treat one bladder cancer patient for a year. At present, this pharmaceutical is only approved for use in a few countries, where it is leading to successful outcomes.

VACMUNE®, produced from immunocyanin, serves as carrier for advanced vaccines. That is why major drugmakers use VACMUNE® in pivotal research projects currently focused on brain tumors, common forms of cancer, hypertension and Alzheimer’s.

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Other drugs and food suplements

Preparations - Medicinal products and food supplements

Preparations - Medicinal products and food supplements

Download PDF: Preparations - Medicinal products and food supplements

Food supplements - Consumer information

Food supplements - Consumer information

Download PDF: Food supplements - Consumer information

CAREIMMUN Basic® - Food supplement with vitamins, trace elements, coenzyme Q10 and secondary plant substances

CAREIMMUN® Basic – Nutritional food supplement with micronutrients and secondary plant substances for a strong immune system. Promotes normal metabolism and protects against oxidative stress. Capsules rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, coenzyme Q10, lycopene and lutein.

Download PDF: CAREIMMUN Basic® - Food supplement with vitamins, trace elements, coenzyme Q10 and secondary plant substances

CAREIMMUN Basic® - Consumer information

CAREIMMUN Basic® - Consumer information

Download PDF: CAREIMMUN Basic® - Consumer information

CALCIVITASE® - Climbing stairs made easy

CALCIVITASE® – Well-tolerated vegetarian food supplement rich in calcium, inulin, vitamins D3 and K: Calcium prevents osteoporosis, preserves bones and teeth. Probiotic, soluble inulin provides roughage for healthy intestinal flora. Vitamin D3 improves calcium and phosphorus uptake. Vitamin K controls blood coagulation and activates bone formation. Supplied in tablets, free of gluten, lactose, yeast and gelatin.

Download PDF: CALCIVITASE® - Climbing stairs made easy

CALCIVITASE® - Consumer information

CALCIVITASE® - Consumer information

Download PDF: CALCIVITASE® - Consumer information


Recent publications in high-impact journals confirming the benefits of folic acid during pregnancy have been compiled in this 12-page brochure – also with evidence that debunks former risks. Just out in April 2016, “FOLIC ACID biosyn” briefly reviews the literature, citing how 5 mg folic acid daily supplemented prenatally and during the first trimester can help prevent neural tube defects. “FOLIC ACID biosyn” has the potential for approval as a nutritional food supplement.


KIMUN® supports the immune system

KIMUN® – Regenerative nutritional food supplement with balanced amino acid composition and selenium, harmonized to support the body‘s natural resistance and compensate for progressive immunosenescence. Indicated in high stress situations. Very well-tolerated formulation without lactose or yeast ensures continually optimal quality and bioavailability. 

Download PDF: KIMUN® supports the immune system

KIMUN® - Consumer information

KIMUN® - Consumer information

Download PDF: KIMUN® - Consumer information

THYMVITAL® Thymus – Selenium – Zinc to strengthen your immune system

THYMVITAL® – Gastric-resistant capsules with thymus, selenium, zinc strengthen the immune system, normalize thyroid function and enhance cognition. Unique galenics allows optimal dosing of high-quality ingredients to meet daily requirements less expensively than rival products. Formulated with biosyn’s patented sodium selenite-pentahydrate for highly efficacious absorption in GMP-compliant quality.

Download PDF: THYMVITAL® Thymus – Selenium – Zinc to strengthen your immune system

THYMVITAL® - Consumer information

THYMVITAL® - Consumer information

Download PDF: THYMVITAL® - Consumer information

ZINKOTASE® - Zinc protects against the common cold

ZINKOTASE® fights the common cold – over the long and short term. New 20-page biosyn folder on ZINKOTASE® compiles significant evidence from meta-analyses: High-dose zinc supplementation shortens the duration of the acute common cold and its symptoms, while low-dose zinc offers efficacious prevention over the long term.

Download PDF: ZINKOTASE® - Zinc protects against the common cold

Pregnant and Healthy

Selenase®, 5 mg Folic Acid and Vitamin D3: Promoting health in mother and child

Safety in numbers: biosyn supplements—selenase®, 5 mg Folic Acid and Vitamin D3—promote healthy pregnancies by reducing common risks and complications associated with peripartum nutritional deficiencies.

The new 50-page biosyn folder “Pregnant and Healthy” compiles critical information on nutritional and mineral deficiencies that can afflict pregnant women and their unborn babies. For example, the fine balance between selenium and iodine is important for proper thyroid function. Mothers deficient in folic acid and/or vitamin D3 also suffer many increased risks. Recommended supplement dosages and preventive screenings for keeping pregnant and healthy are compiled in easy-to-read tables, underpinned by summarized clinical data and references. 

Download PDF: Pregnant and Healthy